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Bold Turquoise Makeover Project |

Bold Turquoise Makeover Project

Our latest project! I {Becca} was able to work with one of my best and dearest friends on this one, MacKenzie of BOLD Turquoise! This complete custom makeover of her blog was both a challenge and a creative delight for The Geek and Me. Original and custom – everything!

My favorite part? The graphics – don’t you just love all those amazing fonts and nifty decorations?! Completely out of my personal box…and I love it! So clean and simple, yet bold (ha!) and perfectly reflective of MacKenzie’s creative style and sweet personality.

The Geek’s favorite part? Learning lots of new geeky things about lots of geeky technical stuff. {Yeah, that’s about as “normal-person” speak as I can reword what he just dictated to me – you’re welcome!} So, What does this mean? {yes, I happen to be Lutheran} It means we’re now evne more equiped for whatever you can throw at us, technically speaking. Thanks MacKenzie! 😉


We hope you enjoy your new site MacKenzie! It was a pleasure designing for you.

{Me – aka Becca}

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